Colloquium at BAAL 2010


Colloquium  at BAAL 2010

Applied Linguistics in Intercultural Communication: Current Perspectives and Approaches

This colloquium is the first official contribution of the ICSIG to BAAL Annual Meetings.  Invitees to the colloquium were asked to consider how applied linguistics can make a significant contribution to the field of intercultural communication, and to showcase and open up for discussion the range of conceptual, methodological and pedagogical perspectives and approaches which exist under the ambit of our SIG. 

The colloquium consists of 6 papers and a roundtable discussion.

  • Conceptualising intercultural competence – the need for an applied linguistic approach. 
    Professor Helen Spencer-Oatey, Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick.
  • Developing and assessing intercultural competence – can dynamic assessment be a way forward? 
    Dr Claudia Harsch, Centre for Applied Linguistics, University of Warwick. 
  • “to me it doesn’t matter where [they] come from”.   National culture discourses in the multinational workplace. 
    Dr Jo Angouri, UWE, Bristol
  • Stereotypes as cultural capital: International students negotiating identities in British HE.
    Trevor Grimshaw, Dep. of Education, Univ. of Bath
  • Applying mixed methods in understanding professional intercultural communication: the case of deontic modality in business meetings.
    Dr Michael Handford, University of Tokyo. 
  • A critical discourse approach to intercultural communication. 
    Professor Adrian Holliday: Canterbury Christ Church University.


Notes from IC-SIG Business Meeting (PDF)

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