Keynote-2 Piller

Keynote 2: Internationalization and Englishization in higher education

Ingrid Piller, Macquarie University



My focus in this talk is on “Englishization” – the use of English as medium of instruction and communication in institutions of higher learning in non-Anglophone countries. I am particularly interested in the relationship between Englishization and internationalization.

The talk builds on my recent co-authored article “Neoliberalism as Language Policy” (Language in Society 42 (2013), 23-44), where we argued that internationalisation as a university ranking criterion plays a central role in the global spread of English in higher education. In this talk I will briefly recap the argument we made in that paper before addressing some questions raised by the proliferation of English as medium of instruction in non-English-speaking countries and their implications for Intercultural Communication Studies.

Relevant link: Language on the Move


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