Paper-1 Phillip Warwick

Paper 1: The International business of higher education (HE)

Philip Warwick, Durham University

Philip Warwick

Philip Warwick

ICSIG2013-Warwick (PPT)

Twenty-first century HE can be conceptualised as a global industry, in which education and research output are commodities and universities operate as international businesses.  From this starting point the paper examines the internationalisation of HE using a managerial lens to determine why internationalisation strategies are failing to have a significant impact on teaching and learning and why despite all the fine words, internationalisation continues to have only a marginal impact on UK universities and their key stakeholders.  Whilst not a unique approach, few academics have employed a managerial perspective to examine and evaluate the implementation of internationalisation strategy in the HE sector.

The motivations of HE internationalisation are well documented elsewhere and so will not be the focus; instead international comparisons will be drawn and the differences in approach between UK research intensive, teaching intensive, old established and new universities will be considered.

The paper is informed by recent research in four UK universities, which focused on their internationalisation strategies, together with literature drawn from HE internationalisation, HE management and mainstream management concepts and theory.


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