Paper-5 Wicaksono & Hardman

Paper 5: Changing Englishes in internationalising universities: raising students’ awareness of the interactional consequences of their talk

Rachel Wicaksono (York St John University) , Jan Hardman, (University of York)

Rachel Wicaksono

Rachel Wicaksono


‘Internationalised’ university teaching often involves ‘home’ and ‘international’ students working together in groups, using English as a lingua franca (ELF). Our UK students tend to assume that, because they have grown up speaking (a variety of) English, ELF should be easy, and that problems communicating with their group are the fault of the international students (Wicaksono, 2008).  In fact, as monolingual ‘native speakers’ of English, it is the UK students who may have had less practice at monitoring and accommodating speakers of other languages than speakers who have grown up in multilingual communities, or who have put a lot of effort into learning an additional language (Wicaksono, 2012).

We propose to share extracts from our data and, if possible, to elicit feedback on our online awareness-raising tutorial. The tutorial aims to encourage students to notice how (un)successful ‘international’ English arises in specific contexts of use, and to sensitise them to the role played by their own communication strategies and attitudes ( We would welcome the opportunity to consider how an awareness-raising approach might be extended to staff and how it could be evaluated for effectiveness.


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