Links to other Organisations

We would like to share information and resources on intercultural research, practice, and projects. We are happy to get your input here. Please either use ‘comment’ to leave your input or email for contact.

  • Global People – Supporting Intercultural Partnerships, led by the Global People Team at Warwick University.
  • Cultures of Learning, script by Lixian Jin and Martin Cortazzi, produced by British Council
  • Journal of International Student Experience, a peer-reviewed online publication for those involved in the field of researching, teaching and providing services to international students in higher education in the UK and other English speaking countries.
  • CultNet-World, a web for a group of interculturalists around the world.
  • BALEAP is a vibrant community of English for Aacademic Purposes professionals with many different areas of activity.
  • SIETAR, The Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research. An interdisciplinary network for trainers and researchers in the area of intercultural and cross-cultural communication.
  • IALIC, International Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication is  a specialist forum for academics, practitioners, researchers and students. who work within an interdisciplinary and critical framework and concern for the theoretical and practical interplay of living languages and intercultural understanding.

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