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The British Association for Applied Linguistics, with a special interest in Intercultural Communication Research and Pedagogy (IC-SIG)

The  BAAL SIG (Special Interest Group) in IC provides a forum for applied linguists, business trainers, language teachers and the wider public to engage in debate about the nature and potential application of key concepts in the field.

Our revised blog page has links to up-to-date information and activities in the field of  intercultural communication and applied linguistics and pedagogy. This includes links to materials, books and articles, links to other relevant organisations, seminars and conferences. In the future, we will set up a networking link so our members, with permission, can contact each other regarding research and pedagogy. We aim to make the SIG more interactive and participatory for all.

Feedback on the BAAL IC SIG  seminar Intersectionality in Intercultural Encounters 

Thank you to everyone who were able to attend the BAAL IC SIG on Friday 17th May 2019 at Sheffield Humanities Research Institute. The presentations were thought provoking and inspiring. The audience wonderful and supportive. Special thanks to Jane for organising the event at the Humanities Research Institute. Thank you Zul for maintaining and updating the BAAL IC SIG blog, creating the twitter page ( I will open a twitter account, resistance is futile) and for taking the photographs on the day. Huge thanks to the admin team and catering, without you the day would not have run as smoothly as it did.

Comments and feedback

Thank you both so much for arranging the splendid and prescient symposium last Friday. It was a great day in all the ways – intellectually inspiring, encouraging to all and jolly. Nice meal too!  I now feel very motivated to push on with my book. Many thanks for the 5-min slot, it was really good to get some feedback on the general thrust of the work.  All best, Mike
Just wanted to say thank you for organising yesterday’s great event – I really enjoyed it and I think that everyone had a rewarding and thought-provoking day.
Best wishes, Judith
Great job on organising the successful seminar! Elaine
I just wanted to write to say thank you for the conference on Friday.  I thought it went really well. Best Haynes

Dear Jane, Thanks to you and Donna for organizing such a successful and fun seminar on Friday.Thanks a lot, Siobhan

If you were not able to come this seminar, please consider attending the next one. We will let you know when and where in the near future.

Meanwhile if you want to attend other seminars and conference, please check our subsection seminars and conferences for other related seminars.

Some Pictures from Today’s Seminar

Intersectionality in Intercultural Encounters at University of Sheffield Humanities Research Institute

Check the updates on our Twitter Account https://twitter.com/BAAL_IC_SIG

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